Growing Up:

Growing up in the Netherlands, in a medium-sized city, with nothing much to do, see or experience, I knew at quite a young age I wanted to live in Amsterdam. In my opinion that was the most exciting and alive city in my country. Still think so by the way 🙂

I can remember as a child I was always drawing, painting, moving the furniture in my room and playing with barbies – decorating their homes and dressing them up. After (primary) school you would find me staying at school till closing time, drawing on the chalkboard. In high school, I still loved painting and drawing classes, but sadly enough I was not allowed to take exams in it. By the time I was going to college, it had become clear to me it would be very difficult (read: impossible) to have a career in art. At least not a lucrative or realistic one in my mind… So I had to change gears. Fashion or photography was the next best thing. One thing was clear: it needed to be in Amsterdam. I studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, graduating in Fashion & Textile Design. Only to realize I would never want to work in the fashion industry! Textiles I still love though, and always will.

Growing Older:

All this time I kept drawing and painting, on and off. I had some lessons, followed some courses because I couldn’t let it go. But I still wasn’t convinced it was an option. I worked as a makeup artist, then as a manager in cosmetics and after that, I had my own interior design business, before I had the guts to pick up the brush again. Fast forward a couple of years: after I closed my interior design store at the end of 2015, I knew there was my opening. It was now or never! All of a sudden I felt like a true possibility to become an artist. I was overhhelmed with inspiration (it was probably waiting to burst out of me after all this time). I remember I couldn’t stop painting. For the first time in years, I painted every day, obsessively. I learned more in 2 years than I had in the previous 20 years, because of experimenting a lot and my new found belief. And now I’m here. And you are here. Thank you for reading my words so far!

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My beautiful mess
Me, captured by the talented Nicole Franzen

My Paintings

On the creative side:

For some reason, I find it important to make paintings that are meaningful. At least the majority of them. They are based, for example, on my life experiences, newly found insights, light bulb moments, my core values, messages I think are important to pay forward, etc. So the underlying inspiration tends to be quite spiritual by nature, but not too ‘woo-woo’ though. So themes like connection, finding balance, relationships, personal growth, trusting yourself and the universe, etc. are driving forces.

Then I have a huge love for color, texture, and composition. Even paint itself can inspire me, and I find all different kinds of subjects to be interesting. Like weird shapes, books, stones, nudes, the moon, flowers, birds, you name it. My work is mostly abstract, although the occasional figurative work will appear in my portfolio.

Long story short: my inspirations, use of materials, sizes & subjects can all change or get mixed up. The one thing that remains quite steady is my specific use of color. I tend to use soft, non-primary or secondary colors. So tones, tints, and shades. In normal language: light and dark pastels, and no bright reds, greens, and blues.

Why I paint? Painting has a kind of magic to it: you can make something out of nothing. That is a very powerful feeling. On the other hand, it makes you feel humble at times too: because it doesn’t always go the way you want… Painting can be like meditating ór like having a discussion with myself. It helps me reflect on life. Painting is an extension of who I am.

On the practical side:

All my paintings are originals unless stated otherwise. I work mainly with watercolours, and occasionally will use other materials. Acrylics, ink, pastels, pencils, charcoal… all belong to my repertoire too. Most art is made on paper, but again: I like to change it up every now and then and work on canvas or a panel. At the moment, sizes vary roughly between 20 – 65 cm (or 8 – 25 inch).

About commissions: I don’t do them at the moment because of work overload. But, I’m always available to think along with you about a project or when you need advice for art in your home (where to place what) or when you need the right gift. Just shoot me a message.


So, usually, people will only write about themselves on the about page. But this section is just as much about you as it is about me really… Because, YOU took the effort to visit my website. So thank you for that!

I would like to take the opportunity to ask you some questions. I am very curious to know what it is you are looking for… And what brought you here? Are you looking for new art for your own home? Or a gift maybe? And since this is a new website, it would be of enormous help to me if you could let me know when you’re missing something here, so I can improve my website or services. Also, as we are on the worldwide web, people from all over the world can visit my site and see my ‘stuff’ and get to know me a little bit… And that’s all very nice, but I ‘d like to get to know my visitors too! So whether you’re just curious, a fellow artist, a potential buyer, a fan, an art collector, etc. Don’t hesitate:

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Infinity painting framed
Mood board, inspiration
Me in the botanical garden of Calella in Spain
Drawing outside in the park; one of my favourite things
getting my hands dirty :-)