Stacks #4

Original watercolour on 300 grams paper // 30 x 40 cm // €200

This “Stacks” painting is inspired by “Getting rid of the old & making space for the New”. Making space for new things and thoughts: brainspace, space in your life, in your home, etc.

Leading up to a New Moon last year, I felt the urge to make a fresh start. I am a collector of things and living in a small apartment in Amsterdam forces me to clean out my home every now and then. By getting rid of stacks of magazines and books, for example. It felt so liberating. Then it occurred to me, that they are an interesting subject to paint! So that’s what I did before donating them. Since I believe that everything is energy and the Universe doesn’t like a vacuum, we have to let go of old stuff (and not only books) in order to make room for new things…

“It is not until you let go of something, that you see how it’s been holding you back..” Amen to that. So here’s a painting (series) that’s abstract and symbolic for space and a new start. I hope it speaks to you, and you will enjoy it as much as I loved making it!

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