The Power of Thought

Original watercolour painting on 300 grams paper // 24,8 x 34,4 cm // € 225


For The Power of Thought, I was inspired by manifesting what you want by using this superpower!


I inspired the BALANCE SERIES by my own search for balance in my life. And the question if it’s possible to even reach it? Is it a desirable goal, or should I just go with the flow?

It’s a funny thing: to stay balanced, you can’t stay still, you need to stay in motion. Center and recenter, moment after moment. Like with yoga, balance exercises are about finding your center of gravity. You have to keep refreshing your focus to feel steady, calm and aligned. When we ‘fall’ out of balance we literally feel we are falling… But with practice comes experience I noticed.. a little bit at least 🙂

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